Scruff Goes to School


This book has been created for use by teachers and those involved in teaching RE in primary schools to creatively introduce some of the most common themes in the Christian elements found in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 RE curriculum, through the use of a Dog in a Bag puppet.

It is written in such a way as to be sensitive to the truths of the Christian faith, but also with an understanding of the limitations and sensitivities of an RE curriculum.

The learning activities suggested have been selected to include a range of activity types, including independent work, paired and grouped tasks and address different learning styles with activities including reading and writing, discussion and creative tasks.

 Topics covered include:
– The Bible (The Lost Sheep & The Good Samaritan)
– Church (Visiting a church building, preparing and follow up)
– Creation (How the world came into being, inspired by creation, God’s instructions to Adam and our responsibility)
– Special people (Jesus, church leader visit, preparing and follow up)
– Special times (Harvest Festival, Advent, Christmas, Easter and Baptism)


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